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xen/intr: arm64: implement Xen event balancing
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Authored by on Aug 26 2021, 4:29 AM.
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This distributes the event channels among processors instead of placing
all of them on vCPU#0. Normal interrupt sources are balanced once, at
the end of the boot process. Since new event channels can be created
any time, they need to be dynamically balanced.

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Build 39723: arc lint + arc unit

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This is a child of D31063, but not a parent of D30950. The reason being D31063 introduces the function modified in D31690. While Xen/ARM64 VMs may have low performance without D31690, they will function, thus it is reasonable to enable Xen/ARM64 without this commit.

Updating given updates elsewhere. This is the set isrc->xi_cpu approach.