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xen/intr: disable xen_intr_suspend() and xen_intr_resume() on !x86

Authored by on Jun 1 2021, 3:45 PM.
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Presently suspend/resume and migration aren't supported on Xen/!x86. As
such these functions won't be invoked. While merely 4 functions, this
does shrink the resultant kernel.

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Build 36535: arc lint + arc unit

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I'm now unsure of this. Originally this had been disabling x86-only functionality on other architectures, but the D30598 and D30599 make the current form of these functions build on other architectures. As such there is no longer an urgent need to disable them on other architectures, but they simply don't accomplish anything on non-x86.

Get the ordering right. This really needs D30236 to make sense; I've got it after D30599 in my tree, but there isn't any actual ordering issue with D30599.

Huh, this was still lying around. After a while I figured out how to adjust things work rather better.