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xen/console: add hook for xen_early_init()
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Authored by on Jun 18 2021, 10:30 PM.



xencons_cnprobe() is an ideal point to probe for the presence of the Xen
hypervisor. This is the first place which MUST know whether Xen is
present (unless the console is disabled).

For x86 there are other earlier spots where Xen's presence is currently
probed, but for other architectures this is ideal.

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Build 36871: arc lint + arc unit

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Should be obvious, for aarch64 xen_early_probe() simply ends up being a normal function declaration in sys/arm64/include/xen/xen-os.h and the function in D29875 does the job.

I should note there is a distinct ordering issue shared between D29498, D29875 and D30816.

The last step is to add a declaration of xen_dt_probe() to aarch64's xen-os.h. This would also define xen_early_probe() to call xen_dt_probe(). My feeling is whichever one goes in last should include that declaration. Right now though I'm unsure which will end up merged in last, therefore that hunk is currently a separate commit in my repository.

The reason the macro is xen_early_probe() while the function is xen_dt_probe() is this allows flexibility. In particular it might become possible to probe for Xen's presence via ACPI/EFI. In that scenario xen_early_probe() on arm64 would be changed to call both xen_dt_probe() and xen_efi_probe().

Taking a look at this, D29875 shouldn't actually be marked as a child of D30816. D29875 should build fine without D30816, just a build with D29875, but not D30816 will be missing the console. In fact I wonder whether D30950 should be a child of D30816, since a VM without a console could function acceptably (debugging would be painful, but it could be quite useful).

There is more of a peer dependency since the xen_early_probe() (or perhaps xen_domain_early()) needs to match.


I'm suddenly wondering about this name. This simply needs to be a xen_domain() call which may need to include a Xen probe depending on architecture. On ARM64 the only reason Xen needs to be probed here is this is the first point where Xen's presence or absence matters.

As such perhaps this should be xen_domain_early()?