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devel/apr1: support building DBM with BDB 1.85
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Authored by ngie on Jun 1 2023, 7:11 AM.
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This change modifies the libapr1 configure logic to search for db_open,
etc, in libc instead of in a standalone library.

Pass the appropriate arguments to configure to support this fact.

Add USES+=autoreconf to regenerate configure from .

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ngie requested review of this revision.Jun 1 2023, 7:11 AM

libc/db in base is currently BSD-3-Clause. Advertising clause removed from FreeBSD source tree in 2007.

I'm not sure we need to mark it as dual licensed if using the BSD licensed db 1.85. The BSD license does not make requirements on derivative works like AGPLv3 does, just on distribution of the lib itself (in binary or source form). The base FreeBSD OS already takes care of those requirements since it is the distributor of db 1.85. I suppose clause 3 is a requirement on derived works (to not use the University's or contributors' names for endorsement of derived works). But other parts of libc are BSD licensed, and we typically don't mark every port that uses libc as dual licensed with the BSD license.


See comments regarding 3 clause vs 4 clause.


See comments about dual licensing.


Maybe this should be BDB1_CONFIGURE_ON=--with-dbm=db1 instead of adding a configure arg in BDB1_VARS.

ngie marked an inline comment as done.Jun 7 2023, 6:26 PM thank you for the input about the licensing. You're right -- I'm updating the patch now.


This is an apr-util specific configure argument -- it shouldn't be passed to apr's configure script.

Respond to comments from

  • fix licensing (lib/libc/db is BSD 3-clause, not 4-clause).
  • remove unnecessary "dual licensing" logic for the BDB1 option.
ngie marked an inline comment as done.Jun 7 2023, 6:28 PM
ngie marked an inline comment as done.

I think this is good. I'd be inclined to switch BDB to BDB1 for the default. The AGPLv3 licensed BDB should probably not be the default.

See also - other people are thinking along the same lines (to use bdb from base).