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OpenRC for FreeBSD

Authored by miwi on Dec 16 2018, 2:40 PM.
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Group Reviewers

TrueOS has been using OpenRC successfully for many years in base and ports.
The goal is to integrate OpenRC into the FreeBSD RC system, allowing either
RC system or OpenRC to be chosen at boot, and OpenRC ports RC scripts for the
entire ports tree. As for now the plan is to get this into the base, and
bring these to ports in the second step .

Known Issues:

  • init.d scripts are not automatically Symlink to runlevels (work in progress)
  • not ready for FreeBSD base packages (work in progress)


  • patch base, build world/kernel/installworld/etcupdate
  • add rc_system="openrc" to /boot/loader.conf
  • use rc-update to add network ssh etc to your runlevels

This work has been done by the following people:

Kris Moore (kmoore) (iXsystems) (init work)
Joe Maloney (iXsystems) (init work / init.d scripts )
Ken Moore (iXsystems) (init.d scripts)
Martin Wilke (iXsystems) (porting from TrueOS to FreeBSD)

FreeBSD Demo Video:

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Build 20900: arc lint + arc unit

Event Timeline

This review is enormous. Might I suggest that you cancel it, and then create two smaller reviews? The first would cover adding openrc to contrib, and the second would cover everything else.

As we have spoke in private 2 or 3 times already, I think you need to send an email as a RFC for developers@ list and/or freebsd-hackers! Add OpenRC on FreeBSD needs a broad discussion with developers and community.
Also we will need some documentation that are missing in this patch.

To recap some discussions about OpenRC and FreeBSD:

  1. First attempt of RFC in March of 2018:
  2. Second attempt at BSDCan:

I think it is worthy to share this review and call again an RFC. Also you will need to include ports and docs people, because it is a big change on FreeBSD, it is necessary some more feedback.

araujo requested changes to this revision.Dec 17 2018, 3:14 AM

Email to developers and more discussion are necessary prior to move forward with this patch!

This revision now requires changes to proceed.Dec 17 2018, 3:14 AM

@asomers I agree for splitting it up for the commit, but for now i'd like to keep it in a single patch due to easier to test :).

imp requested changes to this revision.Dec 19 2018, 2:55 PM

This review is too large to effectively review. the control programs should be a separate review. I'm not sure that every single etc.init.d thing needs to be reviewed, though the make infrastructure needs it.,
Also, there's a lot of 'copy the whole file' stuff, for example devd.conf, which is simply not going to work. In a review this huge, it's impossible to really have a good discussion about that.

In D18578#396786, @miwi wrote:

@asomers I agree for splitting it up for the commit, but for now i'd like to keep it in a single patch due to easier to test :).

Maybe provide it as a git branch with the commits broken up. That way you can easily create reviews for each sub-part. Once the critical core bits are reviewed, they can be committed, reducing the size of the patch you'll have to rebase forward as the issues with the remainder are worked out. As someone who lands large patches regularly, I don't think keeping this as a single patch will be easier for anybody for any length of time.

Hi @imp

I have asked @miwi to keep that huge patch on the review because of the lack of coordination and discussion between different groups and also because there is not a clear plan how to bring OpenRC into FreeBSD. So in that way people could try the patch easily without chasing different open reviews, and to be honest, without further discussion regarding to how the transition would happens between rcd and OpenRC, there is nothing much to review here.

IMHO, if we want to move forward with OpenRC on FreeBSD we would need a broad discussion, because it will impacts not only the base system but also ports, and also docs needs to get involved because we eventually would need to update our documentation. We have people that wants OpenRC also in other hands we have people that wants to keep things as it is.


dch added a subscriber: dch.

Any updates on this one or is there a new review now?

Close, I will reopen it with a larger update.