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1 << 31 redux
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Authored by eadler on Jan 11 2018, 11:59 AM.



There are a few cases in FreeBSD where the expression (1 << 31) is used.

However this produces undefined behavior as '1' is of type int. (see
6.4.4p5: The type of an unmarked integer constant is the first of the
following list in which its value can be represented: int, long int,
long long int). The shift of 31 is illegal (see 6.5.7p4) if the size
of an int is 32.

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fix overzelous change

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This is not needed.

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remove missed instances of casted 1s

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The changes to the Intel ethernet drivers look fine to me.

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Changes to dev/mlx4 and dev/mlx5 look fine, but commit them as separate patch.

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arm/allwinner looks fine.

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This one is fine.

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