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lang/rust: add powerpc64 target
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Authored by on Wed, Nov 28, 11:32 AM.

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tobik added inline comments.Thu, Nov 29, 1:39 PM

These two lines seem to be redundant.


Thank you for doing this. We do a similar thing in and I never got around to trying this in lang/rust too.

Can you please delete files/patch-src_vendor_openssl-sys_.cargo-checksum.json too?

I would prefer to see this bootstrapped and only for 12.0 edited the test plan for this revision. (Show Details)

I managed to build cargo with OPENSSL_STATIC=yes edited the summary of this revision. (Show Details)Mon, Dec 3, 7:50 PM
jbeich edited reviewers, added: rust; removed: dumbbell, koobs, riggs, tobik, will.Tue, Dec 4, 4:29 AM
jbeich added a subscriber: jbeich.

Please, land before D18427 if you plan to MFH to 2018Q4. added a comment.EditedThu, Dec 6, 10:56 AM

lang/rust builds on 12.0-RC3, but I have a problem building devel/rust-cbindgen.

error[E0412]: cannot find type `c_long` in the crate root

Is the built rust compiler 100% functional? This port builds on amd64., bundled libc-0.2.41 doesn't support powerpc* on FreeBSD. Which version does or which part do you need backported?

libc crate is used by pretty much every lang/rust consumer. If you don't land powerpc64 support upstream maintaining patches in consumers with vendored dependencies (e.g., net-im/fractal, www/firefox) is going to be hard.

Currently there's no support for any powerpc* on FreeBSD (

I guess it's better to fix lang/rust alone for now and then take care of libc. Fixing lang/rust will make it much easier to fix other Rust-related ports because of no need to bootstrap on other architecture.