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The big KDE-thing

Authored by tcberner on Nov 3 2017, 11:25 PM.


  • move existing KDE4 ports foo to foo-kde4 if they are not already named so
  • import Plasma5
  • import KDE Applications 17
  • import digikam5
  • import kdevelop5

Note -- this diff is WIP, I will update the status as it goes a long.


  • svn mv/cp/add
  • Updating Mk/Uses/
  • Updating <category>/Makefile
  • Banging head against MOVED
  • Writing UPDATING


  • Providing scripts for easy reinstall of the renamed ports for KDE4 users
Test Plan
  • Do the missing steps
  • Exp-run
  • Probably crying

Diff Detail

rP FreeBSD ports repository
No Linters Available
No Unit Test Coverage
Build Status
Buildable 12499
Build 12774: arc lint + arc unit

Event Timeline

  • Revert unnecessary changes to kf5-* ports
  • Import from freebsd-ports-kde/branches/kde5-import
  • accessiblity/Makefile & MOVED
  • Update MOVED, <category>/Makefile for [a-d]*.
  • Remove unrelated changes

Modify the rest of the <category>/Makefiles, and add MOVED entries

  • also revert some unrelated changes.
  • Fix INDEX
  • Undo some unnecessary renames
  • Reinstate filelight-kde4 from history

Remove accessiblity ports that have not been ported past KDE4.
We can decide what to do with them once 17.12 hits (which will
not ship any KDE4 based applications anymore. So it does not
make sense to add them now, if they may be relased next month).

Remove other KDE4 based newly added 17.08 ports.

Drop filelight-kde4 again, and add it later... seems to make arc unhappy.

I think I'll have to do one first, that moves the foo4 metaports to foo-kde4, so that there are no svn copy+svn moves of single ports, and only copies in this one.

I think we can close this ^^