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Replace all resource occurrences of '0UL/~0UL' with '0/~0'.

Authored by jhibbits on Feb 11 2016, 2:29 PM.



The idea behind this is '~0ul' is well-defined, and casting to uintmax_t, on a
32-bit platform, will leave the upper 32 bits as 0. The maximum range of a
resource is 0xFFF.... (all bits of the full type set). By dropping the 'ul'
suffix, C type promotion rules apply, and the sign extension of ~0 on 32 bit
platforms gets it to a type-independent 'unsigned max'.

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Should these values be two macros?

Should these values be two macros?

I considered this, but, after discussing with jhb (and others), 0/~0 are sufficient, and standard C casting rules apply. The only real reason to use macros in this case would be if you would want a non-~0 upper limit, but this is only about setting defaults. I have another diff in review (D5134) to set physmem rman bounds appropriately, if that's your concern.

Why am I getting notifications regarding this revision? It doesnt seem anything I'd be involved with anyhow...

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In D5255#111921, @robak wrote:

Why am I getting notifications regarding this revision? It doesnt seem anything I'd be involved with anyhow...

Someone added the committers group to it. I removed it.

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This looks wrong given the comment, although I would imagine it could be removed when rman_res_t becomes uintmax_t.

I had added the committers group to get a wider audience, under the assumption that if you don't care you would just ignore it.

749 ↗(On Diff #13231)

You're right, for the ulong rman_res_t case, it is incorrect because vm_paddr_t is uint64_t size for PAE, not u_long. I'll revert it for now, and it will go away completely when rman_res_t becomes uintmax_t.

Sorry guys, last time I looked at committers there were only about 50 people included. I'll refrain from adding in the future, since it's exploded since then.

I am also getting updates.

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Do comparisons like these actually still compile on 32-bit systems? I know that comparing an unsigned long to an int converts the int to unsigned long, but this kind of comparison likely causes a -Wsign-compare warning since it clearly violates mathematical equality.

I agree that this gives correct results as is, but (as the original perpetrator) I'd rather see an explicit unsigned type called out here -- e.g., ~(some_type_t)0 -- rather than depending on two's-complement sign extension behavior, if you're not going to use a macro. Using bitwise operators on signed values makes me uncomfortable, and I wouldn't want to rely on WG14's good graces....

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It passes a tinderbox build. Maybe if it was an inequality (<, >) it would throw an error, but because it's an equality check, it can just use type conversion rules and be happy.

In general I'm a bit torn on having very verbose macros (RMAN_MIN/MAX, etc.). 0 and ~0 are concise. However, we live with macros like that for bus_dma tags.

One thing that might make using the macros more palatable (and I will help) is to use these magic values less often. I know Marcel has suggested having some sort of IS_DEFAULT_RANGE(start, end) macro. (It's quite interesting to see which drivers include 'count' in their 'is_default' check and which do not btw :( ). That macro would help isolate the need for the verbose macros in some cases. Another one that would help quite a bit is another alloc_resource wrapper that is like _any() but takes the size(). bus_alloc_resource_anywhere() or some such (I can't think of a better name but am open to suggestions). Having those two things would wipe out most of the bare 0 and ~0. At that point it would probably be tolerable to use the more verbose RMAN macros I had previously not been a fan of (and it might even improve readability).

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This should have been part of the previous patch to introduce rman_res_t? Perhaps commit this as a separate change for now apart from the 0/~0 diff?

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A size of zero here seems really odd. I wonder if this means to be bus_alloc_resource_any(). The nearby error message and variables (iobase) that imply this is an I/O port allocation don't inspire confidence either. *sigh*

118 ↗(On Diff #13231)

Ok, the '0' error is repeated here as well. It seems that '0' works but all of these calls in cy(4) should be using bus_alloc_resource_any() instead. I would break that out as a separate change from this.

1264 ↗(On Diff #13231)

This should be bus_alloc_resource_any().

2056 ↗(On Diff #13231)

This should be bus_alloc_resource_any().

1993 ↗(On Diff #13231)

This should be bus_alloc_resource_any().

1449 ↗(On Diff #13231)

This should be bus_alloc_resource_any().

1097 ↗(On Diff #13231)


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The cast change I would pull out with the ata change. (Maybe a single "convert a few more long -> rman_res_t" commit)

1392 ↗(On Diff #13231)

Similarly here (part of the long -> rman_res_t).

I'll do another pass for the RMAN_IS_DEFAULT_RANGE(), which will eliminate a bunch of these.

194 ↗(On Diff #13231)

I was literally typing the commit message for this specific change when I got your notification.

1264 ↗(On Diff #13231)

I'll make a pass on these bus_alloc_resource->bus_alloc_resource_any later today.

391 ↗(On Diff #13231)

Realistically, I think this should be going away with the migration to uintmax_t, since this condition will always be false.

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Reduce the diff after all the recent changes.

Recent changes reducing the diff:

  • bus_alloc_resource_anywhere()
  • Rewrite of some to bus_alloc_resource_any()

All of these reduce the diff to only the handful of files in this diff.

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