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Install llvm-objdump as objdump on Clang-using architectures (RFC review)
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Authored by emaste on Nov 23 2018, 2:10 PM.



Install LLVM's objdump as /usr/bin/objdump on those architecures which use Clang as the system compiler, as one step in the retirement of the obsolete binutils 2.17.50. It supports many, but not all, of GNU objdump's command line options. Users requiring the full functionality of GNU objdump should install the binutils port.

PR: 229046

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emaste created this revision.Nov 23 2018, 2:10 PM
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move libbinutils into this block too

emaste added a subscriber: arrowd.Nov 23 2018, 2:19 PM

See also D13881 (deprecation notice for GNU objdump) and D7338 (old review to disconnect GNU objdump w/o replacement).

kib added a subscriber: kib.Nov 26 2018, 3:13 PM

What are the big non-implemented features ? IMO it is better to keep it named llvm-objdump and might be switch base to use llvm-objdump if it is needed.

In D18307#389445, @kib wrote:

What are the big non-implemented features ?

Some known issues (LLVM PRs):

39101 llvm-objdump does not support --demangle
37895 llvm-objdump --help omits many single-letter options
37151 llvm-objdump does not accept -z option
31679 llvm-objdump does not accept combined args as GNU objdump does
30241 llvm-objdump -p omits dynamic headers (in comparison to GNU objdump)
27249 llvm-objdump --dwarf=frames printing wrong values
26892 llvm-objdump -t includes reserved undefined symbol in output, compared with GNU objdump
25124 llvm-objdump prints unknown for relocation info on PPC
21059 llvm-objdump -r reports relocation against symbol `Unknown' on x86
18293 llvm-objdump: warning: invalid instruction encoding
18154 llvm-objdump should have a option to start disassembly at a specified symbol name

IMO it is better to keep it named llvm-objdump and might be switch base to use llvm-objdump if it is needed.

Nothing in base should currently depend on objdump. My original plan was to just stop installing GNU objdump (D7338) but it is taking quite some time for ports fallout to be addressed.