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swills added inline comments to D16266: Made it possible to use another PREFIX for gitlab-ce..
Mon, Jul 16, 4:24 PM
swills committed rP474736: lang/julia: update to 0.6.4.
lang/julia: update to 0.6.4
Mon, Jul 16, 1:04 PM
swills committed rP474732: databases/timescaledb: Update to 0.10.1.
databases/timescaledb: Update to 0.10.1
Mon, Jul 16, 12:48 PM
swills committed rP474730: graphics/opencolorio: remove BROKEN.
graphics/opencolorio: remove BROKEN
Mon, Jul 16, 11:12 AM


swills committed rP474685: textproc/docproj: fix trailing backslash.
textproc/docproj: fix trailing backslash
Sun, Jul 15, 11:21 AM

Fri, Jul 13

swills committed rP474592: benchmarks/vegeta: Remove GH_TAGNAME.
benchmarks/vegeta: Remove GH_TAGNAME
Fri, Jul 13, 3:21 PM
swills committed rP474582: www/minio: update to 2018.
www/minio: update to 2018.
Fri, Jul 13, 1:11 PM
swills committed rP474581: sysutils/consul: update to 1.2.1.
sysutils/consul: update to 1.2.1
Fri, Jul 13, 12:46 PM
swills committed rP474580: sysutils/tmate-slave: ignore more versions.
sysutils/tmate-slave: ignore more versions
Fri, Jul 13, 12:36 PM
swills committed rP474579: net/google-cloud-sdk: update to 208.0.2.
net/google-cloud-sdk: update to 208.0.2
Fri, Jul 13, 12:35 PM
swills committed rP474577: security/gopass: update to 1.8.2.
security/gopass: update to 1.8.2
Fri, Jul 13, 11:53 AM
swills committed rP474576: benchmarks/vegeta: update to 8.1.1.
benchmarks/vegeta: update to 8.1.1
Fri, Jul 13, 11:50 AM

Thu, Jul 12

swills committed rP474516: www/gobuffalo: give up maintainership.
www/gobuffalo: give up maintainership
Thu, Jul 12, 1:46 PM
swills committed rP474515: security/keepassx: give up maintainership.
security/keepassx: give up maintainership
Thu, Jul 12, 1:46 PM
swills committed rP474513: sysutils/tmate-slave: have portscout ignore 1.7 also.
sysutils/tmate-slave: have portscout ignore 1.7 also
Thu, Jul 12, 1:36 PM
swills committed rP474512: devel/rubygem-ruby-fogbugz021: add portscout line.
devel/rubygem-ruby-fogbugz021: add portscout line
Thu, Jul 12, 1:31 PM
swills committed rP474508: MFH: r473923 r474440 r474507.
MFH: r473923 r474440 r474507
Thu, Jul 12, 12:27 PM
swills committed rP474507: net/google-cloud-sdk: update to 208.0.1.
net/google-cloud-sdk: update to 208.0.1
Thu, Jul 12, 12:24 PM

Wed, Jul 11

swills committed rP474479: print/cloud-print-connector: rename and update.
print/cloud-print-connector: rename and update
Wed, Jul 11, 9:16 PM
swills committed rP474457: security/keepassx: mark deprecated.
security/keepassx: mark deprecated
Wed, Jul 11, 3:52 PM
swills committed rP474456: sysutils/tmate-slave: update to latest commit.
sysutils/tmate-slave: update to latest commit
Wed, Jul 11, 3:34 PM
swills committed rP474455: biology/hmmer: update to 3.2.1.
biology/hmmer: update to 3.2.1
Wed, Jul 11, 3:15 PM
swills accepted D16225: libgit2 update to 0.27.3 which fixes some security vulnerabilities.

Looks good. Please add 'MFH: 2018Q3' to commit message and MFH when approved. Thanks!

Wed, Jul 11, 2:36 PM
swills accepted D16224: Gitlab: Fix dependency to devel/rubygem-ruby-fogbugz021.

Approved. :)

Wed, Jul 11, 2:35 PM
swills accepted D16220: Document vulnerability for libgit2 < 0.27.3.

Great, thanks.

Wed, Jul 11, 2:35 PM
swills committed rP474440: net/google-cloud-sdk: update to 208.0.0.
net/google-cloud-sdk: update to 208.0.0
Wed, Jul 11, 12:25 PM
swills committed rP474439: devel/rubygem-ruby-fogbugz021: create port.
devel/rubygem-ruby-fogbugz021: create port
Wed, Jul 11, 12:00 PM
swills committed rP474438: dns/dnscrypt-proxy2: update to 2.0.16.
dns/dnscrypt-proxy2: update to 2.0.16
Wed, Jul 11, 11:45 AM
swills committed rP474436: devel/libzim: update to 4.0.0.
devel/libzim: update to 4.0.0
Wed, Jul 11, 11:42 AM
swills committed rP474419: devel/py-widgetsnbextension: update to 3.2.1.
devel/py-widgetsnbextension: update to 3.2.1
Wed, Jul 11, 12:33 AM
swills committed rP474418: devel/py-ipywidgets: update to 7.2.1.
devel/py-ipywidgets: update to 7.2.1
Wed, Jul 11, 12:13 AM

Tue, Jul 10

swills accepted D16209: sysutils/devcpu-data: - Update to Intel Micorocde release 07032018.

Looks good

Tue, Jul 10, 9:19 PM
swills committed rP474413: www/grafana5: update to 5.2.1.
www/grafana5: update to 5.2.1
Tue, Jul 10, 9:10 PM
swills committed rP474409: www/minio: update to 2018.
www/minio: update to 2018.
Tue, Jul 10, 8:39 PM
swills committed rP474407: www/obhttpd: Update to 6.3.20180529.
www/obhttpd: Update to 6.3.20180529
Tue, Jul 10, 8:22 PM
swills committed rP474397: devel/py-ExtensionClass: update to 4.3.0.
devel/py-ExtensionClass: update to 4.3.0
Tue, Jul 10, 6:27 PM
swills committed rP474395: security/vault: improve rc.d script.
security/vault: improve rc.d script
Tue, Jul 10, 5:50 PM
swills committed rP474378: security/base: Correct snort URL in external_sig_link array.
security/base: Correct snort URL in external_sig_link array
Tue, Jul 10, 4:03 PM
swills committed rP474377: net/rubygem-bunny: update to 2.9.0.
net/rubygem-bunny: update to 2.9.0
Tue, Jul 10, 3:40 PM
swills committed rP474376: devel/rubygem-ruby-fogbugz: update to 0.3.0.
devel/rubygem-ruby-fogbugz: update to 0.3.0
Tue, Jul 10, 3:21 PM
swills committed rP474375: science/rubygem-ruby-dcl: update to 1.8.1.
science/rubygem-ruby-dcl: update to 1.8.1
Tue, Jul 10, 3:13 PM
swills committed rP474368: math/rubygem-narray: update to
math/rubygem-narray: update to
Tue, Jul 10, 1:47 PM
swills committed rP474367: sysutils/rubygem-hieracles: update to 0.4.2.
sysutils/rubygem-hieracles: update to 0.4.2
Tue, Jul 10, 1:16 PM
swills committed rP474365: games/assaultcube: modernize port.
games/assaultcube: modernize port
Tue, Jul 10, 1:08 PM
swills committed rP474361: x11-themes/cursor-ardoise-theme: Update to 3.6.
x11-themes/cursor-ardoise-theme: Update to 3.6
Tue, Jul 10, 12:54 PM
swills committed rP474356: benchmarks/vegeta: making better use of Go framework.
benchmarks/vegeta: making better use of Go framework
Tue, Jul 10, 11:58 AM
swills committed rP474354: textproc/p5-PPIx-Regexp: update to 0.061.
textproc/p5-PPIx-Regexp: update to 0.061
Tue, Jul 10, 11:48 AM
swills committed rP474353: mail/p5-Mail-DMARC: Update to 1.20180125.
mail/p5-Mail-DMARC: Update to 1.20180125
Tue, Jul 10, 11:46 AM
swills committed rP474327: comms/tio: Update to 1.31.
comms/tio: Update to 1.31
Tue, Jul 10, 4:53 AM
swills committed rP474325: sysutils/fusefs-s3fs: Update to 1.84.
sysutils/fusefs-s3fs: Update to 1.84
Tue, Jul 10, 4:47 AM
swills committed rP474324: www/mongrel2: Update to 1.12.0.
www/mongrel2: Update to 1.12.0
Tue, Jul 10, 4:46 AM
swills committed rP474318: net/intel-ixl-kmod: update to 1.9.13.
net/intel-ixl-kmod: update to 1.9.13
Tue, Jul 10, 3:28 AM
swills closed D16037: net/intel-ixl-kmod: Update to 1.9.13.
Tue, Jul 10, 3:28 AM
swills committed rP474317: net-p2p/litecoin: update to 0.16.0.
net-p2p/litecoin: update to 0.16.0
Tue, Jul 10, 3:22 AM

Mon, Jul 9

swills committed rP474305: multimedia/din: updated din-36.
multimedia/din: updated din-36
Mon, Jul 9, 9:15 PM
swills committed rP474303: www/grafana5: update to 5.1.5.
www/grafana5: update to 5.1.5
Mon, Jul 9, 8:47 PM
swills committed rP474300: devel/creduce: update to 2.8.0.
devel/creduce: update to 2.8.0
Mon, Jul 9, 8:17 PM
swills accepted D16200: Changing the maintainer address on all my ports to my jsm@FreeBSD.org address..

Looks good, approved.

Mon, Jul 9, 5:48 PM
swills committed rP474272: databases/memcached: update to 1.5.9.
databases/memcached: update to 1.5.9
Mon, Jul 9, 5:06 PM
swills committed rP474256: x11-fonts/font-awesome: update to 5.1.0.
x11-fonts/font-awesome: update to 5.1.0
Mon, Jul 9, 1:55 PM
swills committed rP474226: deskutils/projectlibre: update to 1.8.0.
deskutils/projectlibre: update to 1.8.0
Mon, Jul 9, 6:17 AM
swills committed rP474225: multimedia/syncplay update to 1.5.5.
multimedia/syncplay update to 1.5.5
Mon, Jul 9, 5:58 AM
swills added a comment to D16185: Skip the use of lxqt-l10n as master port for lxqt related l10n ports..
In D16185#343301, @jsm wrote:

I do not think you can override datadir for qterminal and qterminal-l10n .

Mon, Jul 9, 5:34 AM
swills committed rP474220: www/py-drf-yasg: Update to 1.9.1.
www/py-drf-yasg: Update to 1.9.1
Mon, Jul 9, 2:40 AM
swills added a comment to D16185: Skip the use of lxqt-l10n as master port for lxqt related l10n ports..
In D16185#343205, @jsm wrote:
Mon, Jul 9, 2:35 AM
swills committed rP474219: net/vether-kmod: Update to g20180708.
net/vether-kmod: Update to g20180708
Mon, Jul 9, 2:22 AM

Sun, Jul 8

swills added a comment to D16185: Skip the use of lxqt-l10n as master port for lxqt related l10n ports..

Should have mentioned, you want portlint -C

Sun, Jul 8, 10:04 PM
swills added a comment to D16185: Skip the use of lxqt-l10n as master port for lxqt related l10n ports..

Does it pass portlint? Have you run it through poudriere?

Sun, Jul 8, 9:14 PM
swills committed rP474197: www/squid: update to 4.1.
www/squid: update to 4.1
Sun, Jul 8, 8:46 PM
swills committed rP474194: www/squid3: copy from www/squid and add PKGNAMESUFFIX.
www/squid3: copy from www/squid and add PKGNAMESUFFIX
Sun, Jul 8, 7:56 PM
swills committed rP474189: databases/redis_exporter: update to 0.20.2.
databases/redis_exporter: update to 0.20.2
Sun, Jul 8, 4:37 PM
swills committed rP474187: net-mgmt/py-pynxos: update to 0.0.4.
net-mgmt/py-pynxos: update to 0.0.4
Sun, Jul 8, 4:19 PM
swills committed rP474182: math/cvc4: switch to GMP by default.
math/cvc4: switch to GMP by default
Sun, Jul 8, 3:29 PM
swills committed rP474178: editors/focuswriter: update to 1.6.14.
editors/focuswriter: update to 1.6.14
Sun, Jul 8, 3:15 PM
swills accepted D16179: devel/liblxqt Remove BROKEN marks for aarch64..


Sun, Jul 8, 3:02 PM

Sat, Jul 7

swills accepted D16173: Remove BROKEN marks for armv6 armv7 aarch64 for x11-toolkits/qtermwidget.


Sat, Jul 7, 7:19 PM
swills committed rP474100: devel/rubygem-rufus-scheduler342: add portscout limit for this version.
devel/rubygem-rufus-scheduler342: add portscout limit for this version
Sat, Jul 7, 3:34 PM
swills committed rP474099: graphics/openjump: Update to 1.13.
graphics/openjump: Update to 1.13
Sat, Jul 7, 3:04 PM
swills committed rP474098: net/p5-Net-AMQP-RabbitMQ: ignore some more versions.
net/p5-Net-AMQP-RabbitMQ: ignore some more versions
Sat, Jul 7, 2:53 PM
swills committed rP474054: net/vether-kmod: Update to g80180707.
net/vether-kmod: Update to g80180707
Sat, Jul 7, 2:44 AM

Fri, Jul 6

swills committed rP474031: textproc/docproj: fix dependency check with groff.
textproc/docproj: fix dependency check with groff
Fri, Jul 6, 6:53 PM
swills committed rP474015: www/py-django-cors-headers: update to 2.3.0.
www/py-django-cors-headers: update to 2.3.0
Fri, Jul 6, 3:59 PM
swills committed rP474013: sysutils/intel-pcm-devel: update to 20180620.
sysutils/intel-pcm-devel: update to 20180620
Fri, Jul 6, 2:46 PM
swills committed rP474002: net/p5-Net-AMQP-RabbitMQ: another portscout change.
net/p5-Net-AMQP-RabbitMQ: another portscout change
Fri, Jul 6, 8:39 AM
swills committed rP473993: devel/p5-File-Assets: further portscout changes.
devel/p5-File-Assets: further portscout changes
Fri, Jul 6, 6:27 AM
swills committed rP473990: devel/rubygem-rufus-scheduler342: create port.
devel/rubygem-rufus-scheduler342: create port
Fri, Jul 6, 2:49 AM

Thu, Jul 5

swills committed rP473968: devel/p5-Config-Perl-V: update to 0.30.
devel/p5-Config-Perl-V: update to 0.30
Thu, Jul 5, 1:08 PM
swills committed rP473946: net/p5-Net-AMQP-RabbitMQ: add portscout line.
net/p5-Net-AMQP-RabbitMQ: add portscout line
Thu, Jul 5, 2:09 AM
swills committed rP473945: devel/p5-File-Assets: Fix typo in previous commit.
devel/p5-File-Assets: Fix typo in previous commit
Thu, Jul 5, 2:06 AM

Wed, Jul 4

swills committed rP473929: devel/p5-File-Assets: skip dev version.
devel/p5-File-Assets: skip dev version
Wed, Jul 4, 10:16 PM
swills committed rP473928: lang/coffeescript: update to 2.3.1.
lang/coffeescript: update to 2.3.1
Wed, Jul 4, 10:00 PM
swills committed rP473927: x11-toolkits/wxgtk30: update to 3.0.4.
x11-toolkits/wxgtk30: update to 3.0.4
Wed, Jul 4, 9:57 PM
swills committed rP473923: net/google-cloud-sdk: update to 207.0.0.
net/google-cloud-sdk: update to 207.0.0
Wed, Jul 4, 9:19 PM
swills committed rP473918: x11/radare-cutter: update to 1.5.
x11/radare-cutter: update to 1.5
Wed, Jul 4, 7:59 PM
swills updated subscribers of D16057: Support bhyve within a jail.

Might want to add @jamie as a reviewer.

Wed, Jul 4, 5:03 PM · bhyve
swills accepted D16127: Upgrade gitlab to 11.0.2.

Thanks for the info. Approved!

Wed, Jul 4, 5:00 PM
swills added a comment to D16127: Upgrade gitlab to 11.0.2.

See comments inline.

Wed, Jul 4, 4:30 PM
swills committed rP473896: Please welcome Jesper Schmitz Mouridsen as a new ports committer.
Please welcome Jesper Schmitz Mouridsen as a new ports committer
Wed, Jul 4, 3:57 PM
swills accepted D16094: New ports required for gitlab 11.0.


Wed, Jul 4, 3:18 PM
swills added a comment to D16094: New ports required for gitlab 11.0.

Sorry, I'm mistaken, "the" is OK. FWIW, the doc is:

Wed, Jul 4, 2:43 PM