libc arc4_stir: use only kern.arandom sysctl

Authored by emaste on Sep 29 2016, 5:39 PM.



The sysctl cannot fail. If it does fail on some FreeBSD derivative or after some future change, just abort() so that the problem will be found and fixed.

It's preferable to provide an arc4random() function that cannot fail and cannot return poor quality random data. While abort() is not normally suitable for a library, it makes sense here.

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I really like the direction. One minor nit which is more of a question than an objection.

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Simpler. Good.

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Shouldn't this be a KASSERT()?

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Nice to see this kind of yucky code go.

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This is the libc userland side

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I meant ASSERT() :-)

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Ah. I'm worried about the case where it's compiled without assertions enabled though, leading back to a possible silent failure.

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Letting this use abort() is good. Because this is crossing the user-kernel boundary, it's not an internal invariant of the C library that's failing. Only in those cases we should use assert().

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Can't we just do
ret = arc4_sysctl(...)
assert(ret == KEYSIZE) ?

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Very nice.

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As @ed said, assert() is for internal invariants of the code in question, and it may be compiled out (if built with -NDEBUG). A failure here would be due to a change external to libc (e.g., someone changes the kernel).

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