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rtld: fix reference tracking with common symbols
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Authored by vangyzen on Sep 7 2022, 9:29 PM.



See for a detailed description of the bug.

The proposed fix is an ugly hack, due in part to casting away const (and the #pragma that requires). I would be delighted to throw it away and implement your better idea. Removing const from SymLook::defobj_out is fairly invasive and feels wrong.

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Build 44172: arc lint + arc unit

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I do not think that workarounds for application bugs should be performed in

I do not completely understand the problem, but did you tried to change libcompiler_rt (is it BTW?) to be linked with -Bsymbolic? This might be the right thing to do regardless of the specific bug we are discussing.

I think the real fix, following the ELF model of the COPY relocation, is to have the main binary linked against, and more, main binary needs to reference symbols needed by dlopened dsos.
This is how ELF is supposed to work.

Or do dlclose nss/pam modules, or mark then unloadable for your instrumented build.

rtld never converts symbols references into refcounts, and I do not see why it is reasonable to do to workaround some application bug.