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boottrace: trace annotations for startup and shutdown
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Authored by mhorne on May 10 2021, 3:14 PM.
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Add trace events for execution of SYSINITs (both static and dynamically
loaded), and to the various steps in the shutdown/panic/reboot paths.

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Build 35987: arc lint + arc unit

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My experience from TSLOG is that a very large proportion of the kernel boot time is spent in a single SYSINIT, namely the one during which all the devices are probed and attached. Maybe worth following TSLOG's example and adding that level of granularity? I found that it helped a lot with tracking down slow device drivers.

Also, a more general comment on this work -- can you make sure there's an easy way to record the userland init but *not* the kernel init? I'd like to be able to take this and splice it onto my loader+kernel TSLOG output.