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Drop 'Set to' from the beginning of most src.conf(5) knobs

Authored by emaste on Apr 5 2021, 12:59 AM.



The description is obviously what effect the knob has when set, so the additional text was unnecessary and made for a somewhat tortured src.conf(5).

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I would maybe avoid making other changes for this commit than just the "Set to" part. Losing the Xr sections for bc and dc seems rather odd.

Granted, I would rewrite this description to be something like "Use the traditional FreeBSD versions of bc(1) and dc(1) rather than the <foo> versions." where <foo> is more descriptive than just "enhanced".

emaste added a subscriber: se.

Update WITHOUT_GH_BC based on jhb feedback


Huh, I think this must have been an accident during a rebase, I did not intend to drop these. When I first did this it was a bit of sed with manual review/touch-ups. In can incorporate feedback before this gets committed and/or we can make further improvements like this one after commit.

I am also not sure what <foo> would be off hand.


and of course I have a typo here. corrected locally.

A very reasonable change - I had first committed exactly the text now suggested for WITH_GH_BC and only later adjusted it to better match the other entries.

And thanks to jhb for checking the patches and finding the issues with the suggested WITHOUT_GH_BC change ...
The same issue with the section numbers removed from .Xr lines applies to WITH_GH_BC, btw.

I'm accepting this review without verification of all entries under the assumption that the other changes listed as affecting only 2 lines do not modify more than planned.


Please add back the section number "1" here and behind .Xr dc ...

This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Apr 8 2021, 8:08 PM

Oh I see what happened - I carried this change locally from before 68c8c1a705251e2b3a8afc4c70c45610217d6e92 and missed the section number when resolving the conflict.

This revision was automatically updated to reflect the committed changes.