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sysutils/openzfs*: Bump for recent changes

Authored by freqlabs on Sep 16 2020, 6:37 PM.



Some noteworthy/FreeBSD-related changes since the previous bump:

  • 9569c3116 Fix stack frame size: dnode_dirty_l1range()
  • a1c5578ce dmu_redact_snap: fix possible memleak
  • 8c0b16e6e Fix stack frame size: dmu_redact_snap()
  • c95625769 Fix stack frame size: spa_livelist_delete_cb()
  • 1db9e6e4e zfs label bootenv should store data as nvlist
  • 085321621 Add L2ARC arcstats for MFU/MRU buffers and buffer content type
  • 8e7fe49b2 FreeBSD: convert teardown inactive lock to a read-mostly sleepable lock
  • a74259cea Initialize mmp_last_write when the mmp thread starts
  • cba6d8663 FreeBSD: drop dependency on cryptodev module
  • feb3a7eef Introduce ZFS module parameter l2arc_mfuonly
  • ebc4b5236 Avoid possibility of division by zero
  • 189272f78 dnode_special_open() error: unchecked function return 'zrl_tryenter'
  • 7432d2976 FreeBSD: reduce priority of ZIO_TASKQ_ISSUE writes by a larger value
  • ef55446a9 Spruce up pkg-config files for libzfs/libzfs_core
  • 4f0728278 Avoid posting duplicate zpool events
  • 380803248 nowait synctask must succeed
  • cd8027390 Retain thread name when resuming a zthr
  • f3064162b Fixes for running FreeBSD buildworld on Linux/macOS hosts
  • ac6e5fb20 Replace cv_{timed}wait_sig with cv_{timed}wait_idle where appropriate
  • 417e64672 Fix -Werror,-Wmacro-redefined in limits.h
  • 964791acd Make spa_stats.c tunables visible on FreeBSD
  • e84e49218 FreeBSD: Fix up after spa_stats.c move
  • 7b4e27232 Add 'zfs rename -u' to rename without remounting
  • 46b7d53ba libspl: Provide platform-specific zone implementations
  • eff621071 FreeBSD: Simplify INGLOBALZONE
  • 2f65c7a60 FreeBSD: Define crgetzoneid appropriately
  • 1144586b5 zio_ereport_post() and zio_ereport_start() return values are ignored
  • 7bb18b94c Move spa_stats.c to common code
  • cd23154a8 FreeBSD: Fix spurious failure in zvol_geom_open
  • d436de638 FreeBSD: add support for KSTAT_TYPE_RAW
  • 2b07c5aa3 Fix definition of BLKGETSIZE64 on FreeBSD
  • 770269ef3 Add the Xr's to the SEE ALSO as well
  • 8d42c98d9 dnode_sync is careless with range tree
  • a2f944a14 zpool: Change base URL for ZFS messages to openzfs-docs
  • 03f5d2fd6 Remove duplicate dnode.h include
  • 4aa3b3bd4 Always track temporary fses and snapshots for accounting
  • ec0c480c1 Remove pragma ident lines
  • 2dbad4471 FreeBSD: disable neon usage
  • 523e1295f Introduce limit on size of L2ARC headers
  • 47a3f3fc0 Tag 2.0.0-rc1
  • 7a6c12fd6 Don't assert on nvlists larger than SPA_MAXBLOCKSIZE
  • 87688b686 Mark lua setjmp/longjmp for powerpc weak
  • b596585fd man: Canonicalize .TH usage
  • b0e75805e ZTS: Improve block_device_wait on FreeBSD
  • 7b15b8d18 libzstd: Don't warn about stack frame size in userspace
  • a741b386d Prevent zfs_acl_chmod() if aclmode restricted and ACL inherited
  • 1ddd7cdb9 Make formatting of dedup values string consistent

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