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Add Farsi/Persian locales

Authored by on Apr 10 2020, 1:07 AM.



Add fa_AF.UTF-8 and fa_IR.UTF-8 locales

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Removed numericdef/fa_AF.UTF-8.src and numericdef/ar_SA.UTF-8.src since they are same with numericdef/fa_IR.UTF-8.src

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Remove unnecessary files that were set the same as another file in Makefile

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I'm sorry but I don't know how the locale generation system works + I do not have a src bit to get it committed.

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I believe @bapt knows this. :-)

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@mmokhi @farrokhi : can you help verify the correctness about Farsi/Persian? Thanks!

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Should these be removed? Aren't you only adding fa_IR?


We do not have Hamza in persian alphabet. It should be written is ژانویه. The same goes for the rest of words ending with Hamza in this set.

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Yes, because of two things:

  1. They are the same, so it makes sense to have either ar_SA.UTF-8 or fa_IR.UTF-8.
  2. These are not manual changes, I've just followed /usr/src/tools/tools/locale and made the diff.

I can use the tool one more time to see if it produces anything else.


Completely true, but we should either add a manual change or contribute to the CLDR project on
Anyhow, I will do all steps one more time and will update you.

Although I think nothing's wrong with this revision since all steps are automatically done and I've made no additional change, I believe @yuripv knows much more than me about locales. So I would appreciate if he could also take a look.


OK, I just double-checked and we've done nothing wrong here. It removes the ar_SA.UTF-8 from LOCALES+= and adds the fa_IR.UTF-8 instead. The rest are taken care of in SAME+= lines.


I redid all steps one more time and nothing's change. I will check how this could be fixed on CLDR, but I think we are fine for this revision and there is nothing to work on. But, there's something interesting that I forgot to tell you before, timedef is commented out in /usr/src/tools/tools/locale/Makefile - check line 20:

KNOWN=          monetdef numericdef msgdef colldef ctypedef # timedef

So I had to uncomment it to generate them. So maybe, it wouldn't cause any problem if we manually remove all occurrences of the trailing Hamza. Am I right? Let me know if we can do so and I will apply the change.

@farrokhi: is this version good?

This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Tue, Jul 21, 11:51 AM