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bectl: add some discussion about boot environment layouts

Authored by kevans on Mar 12 2022, 4:09 AM.



Discuss the standard type of layout, as well as the "deep" BE layout,
and some of the properties of both. Point the various -r flags at this
new section, to help users understand which they're working with and
what the -r flag is actually doing. Note that we may just deprecate the
-r flag in future versions, but the flag will be recognized as a NOP at
that point.

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Looks good overall other than these two points.


Maybe expand on "traditional", eg that it's what autoZFS install gives you? (If my guess it does is correct.)


Maybe mention this is the output of zfs list -o name,canmount,mountpoint? (If it is - It looks that way on 12.2, but maybe OpenZFS does things differently.)


Is "The other style of boot environments" singular or plural in US English? That is, should the verb it's the subject of be "organizes" or "organize"? My instinct tells me "organize" is "collective is plural" so British/Commonwealth English.

(I can count to 3. Honest.)


Someone confirmed my instinct in IRC.

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grahamperrin added inline comments.

This comment is based on my limited experience, the one line:

bectl destroy: leaving origin 'copperbowl/ROOT/n257337-5fe0cd6503d-e@2021-03-22-02:06:44' intact

– observed whilst performing multiple destructions without -o at shown at

It's not quite under the umbrella of D34538, but it might help readers to get the 'big picture'.


if in lieu of that – a significant difference – do I understand correctly?

Paraphrasing (please correct me if I'm wrong):

Without -o: if the origin of beName will be left intact, bectl will report the remnant whilst destroying the boot environment.

With -o: bectl will unconditionally destroy the origin.

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Address feedback from Pau


I struggled to figure out how to work that into the surrounding text, but it occurred to me I could probably just include that in the literal block with with a $ to indicate the prompt.

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