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Use optimised complexity safe sort routine instead of the kernel's qsort

Authored by hselasky on May 20 2016, 1:27 PM.
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The kernels qsort() routine can in worst case spend O(N*N) amount of comparisons before the result is sorted.

Because the sorting key is very small, 64-bits, we can use a bit-slice sorter algorithmn instead, which is faster than mergesort() and comparable() to qsort().

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Implement suggestion from Drew:

  • Keep all data in same array to optimize cache line usage
  • Further optimize sorting function.
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Simple typo alorithm >> algorithm

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Fix spelling. Found by Kevin.

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Use ffsll() when it is provided by the CPU.

Suggested by Drew.

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Use flsll() instead of ffsll(). Else sorting result will be bit-reversed.


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Optimize sorting algorithm.

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Great work -- faster AND safer

BTW, I tested a version of this patch in our Netflix code base. When serving roughly 80Gb/s with 80K TCP connections, the old method (qsort + tcp_lro_mbuf_compare_header) used 1.4% CPU, while the new (tcp_lro_sort) used 1.1% for LRO related sorting as measured by Intel Vtune. This test was done with a sysctl toggle to switch between qsort and the new sort.

That is why I mentioned that in addition to being safer (by limiting recursion), this is also faster.

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If Drew says it works I am happy with it as well :-)

This revision is now accepted and ready to land.May 25 2016, 8:11 PM

Committed to head, r300731.