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Implement SHA-512 truncated (224 and 256 bits)

Authored by allanjude on Apr 22 2016, 1:43 PM.



This implements SHA-512/256, which generates a 256 bit hash, but using SHA-512 so is faster than SHA-256 on 64bit platforms.

The main goal of this implementation is to enable support for this faster hashing algorithm in ZFS

This is the follow on to r292782

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Found a typo.

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I this think should be "a version".

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Fix typo spotted by bcr@

cem added inline comments.
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what's "so are skipped" mean?

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It seems like these aren't really necessary. I'd suggest removing them and adding a comment where they were in the header to use the SHA512_Update() routine.

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Use digest[static ...] here :).

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don't need to cast here.

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Same quibble here.

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Use digest[static DIGEST_LEN] :)

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same as above

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[static DIGEST_LEN]

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[static DIGEST_LEN]

allanjude added inline comments.
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I didn't define the _transform function because it just uses the regular SHA512 one. I'll reword this

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Userland applications that implement this algo expect this symbol to exist in libmd.

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Update with feedback from cem@

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It seems like userland-only routines and declarations should live in userland, like the _File/_Data routines. But whatever.

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still needs rewording

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cast still present

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This extra cast got missed :)

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Parts of the previous update did not get submitted

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