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stdlib.h: Fix qsort_r compatibility with GCC 12.
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Authored by jhb on Wed, Nov 16, 5:41 PM.



GCC 12 (unlike GCC 9) does not match a function argument passed to the
old qsort_r() API (as is used in the qsort_r_compat test) to a
function pointer type via generic. It treats the function type as a
distinct type from a function pointer. As a workaround, add a second
generic() condition which matches on the function type that also
falls back to __qsort_r_compat.

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Build 45280: arc lint + arc unit

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jhb requested review of this revision.Wed, Nov 16, 5:41 PM

This breaks the build with clang as clang says a _Generic selector can only have an object type and a function pointer type isn't valid. GCC 9 was happy with the existing version, so this might be some regression in GCC 10, 11, or 12.