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Disable stack gap for ntpd during build.
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Authored by on Fri, Apr 2, 2:09 PM.



When starting, ntpd calls setrlimit(2) to limit maximum size of its
stack. The stack limit chosen by ntpd is 200K, so when stack gap
is enabled, the stack gap is larger than this limit, which results
in ntpd crashing.

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D29551 and D29552 are required for this to work.

Would it be better to tweak the stack size? ntpd does this as one of many measure to stay swapped in...

Yes, this could be resolved by changing the default stack resource limit from 200KiB to around 16MiB (maximum stack gap that can be created with default settings is 15.36MiB - 3% of default 512MiB stack resource limit). In that case the stack gap would actually exist, so any benefits resulting from it would still be there. Of course, the disadvantage of this approach is the increased resource utilization but that is expected with ASLR anyway. Also, if anyone changes the default stack limit to a lower value, this could result in segfault for them, so I think that information about that should be included somewhere in documentation.

I didn't want to touch contrib but if there is no problem with that, I can close this revision and prepare the patch for ntpd itself.