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Create a separate interface for leaf-driver PCI IOV methods.

Authored by jhb on May 19 2015, 3:05 PM.



Create a separate interface for leaf-driver PCI IOV methods.

Leaf drivers should not import the PCI bus interface to add IOV handling.
Instead, move the IOV client methods to a separate kobj interface.

Test Plan
  • Not yet tested. I will do a universe build, but I don't have an easy way to runtime test this. I ran this by Ryan a while ago, but it would be nice to fix this sooner rather than later.

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Note that I have a separate review to remove the executable property from the ixl source, but arcanist wouldn't let me upload the change to if_ixl.c without that change.

Please update the PCI_INIT_IOV(9), PCI_ADD_VF(9) and PCI_UNINIT_IOV(9) manpages to document the new header file and reflect the new method names.

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I think that you meant PCI_IOV_UNINIT() here

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Should this file still remain "Copyright (c) 1998 Doug Rabson"?

I believe that you need to update sys/modules/ixl/Makefile to document that the driver now depends on pci_iov_if.h as well

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  • Rename manual pages.
  • Catch up to manpage renames.
  • Fix a IOV_UINIT -> PCI_IOV_UINIT I missed.

Still need to do a universe build which should flesh out the ixl Makefile as well.

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It should probably get a license from Ryan (or Ryan's employer)

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We probably should document that "pci_iov_if.h" needs to be included to implement the method?

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Making it "Copyright Sandvine Inc." to match the other SR-IOV files would make the most sense

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Yes, though we generally don't require drivers to explicitly include foo_if.h headers. We normally have a wrapper header that includes them (e.g. sys/bus.h pulls in device_if.h and bus_if.h, and pcivar.h pulls in pci_if.h). I think it would be too disruptive to make pcivar.h pull his header in since we'd have to change umpteen different module Makefiles. One option I had thought about was creating a sys/dev/pci/pci_iov.h and moving the pci_iov_attach/detach wrapper functions into that. It would also have the nested include of pci_iov_if.h.

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One oddity is that the pci_iov.c file (at least, haven't checked the others) has the phrase "All rights reserved" duplicated.

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that sounds fine

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That's funny. I'll fix it in -head tonight

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  • Move pci_iov_* prototypes into pci_iov.h and include pci_iov_if.h there.
  • Fix ixl build.
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Ok, I've done that. I think that in theory a driver would only need to include pci_iov.h and not
the var and reg.h headers if all it did was IOV so I've only listed those. Of course, any real driver needs a probe routine, etc. and those will need the other headers, but not the IOV-specific bits I think.

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Er, you can omit the redundant "All rights reserved". :)

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  • License bogon.
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