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Include the tool name for toolchain variables when using CROSS_TOOLCHAIN.
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Authored by jhb on Thu, Nov 28, 4:55 PM.


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O5: Ports Framework(Owns No Changed Paths)

Previously variables such as AS, LD, etc. were only set to the path
but not the tool itself due to a typo.

Test Plan
  • cross-building base/gcc after updating it to work with freebsd-gcc6 fails since base/gcc now uses these variables to set the corresponding <foo>_FOR_TARGET variables

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Buildable 27835
Build 26013: arc lint + arc unit

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jhb created this revision.Thu, Nov 28, 4:55 PM
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jhb added a comment.Wed, Dec 11, 10:14 PM

Ping. This is only relevant when CROSS_TOOLCHAIN is set, so should be low risk. It is a dependency of D22594.