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Update base/gcc to work with devel/freebsd-gcc6.

Authored by jhb on Nov 28 2019, 5:03 PM.
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  • Explicitly set all the toolchain <foo>_FOR_TARGET variables. GCC's default guess for CC, etc. happened to work with the powerpc64-gcc port, but fails when the binaries have a suffix like the '6' suffix in freebsd-gcc6. Setting these variables explicitly keeps GCC's build from having to guess.
  • Pull patches from freebsd6-gcc instead of powerpc64-gcc.
  • Use per-arch plists.
  • Simplify the post-install steps to keep the hard links the normal install performs and avoid renaming binaries. Keep links to 'cc' and 'c++'.
Test Plan
  • built base/gcc for amd64 (native), i386 and mips (using freebsd6-gcc via CROSS_TOOLCHAIN)

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