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Implement a devtype command.

Authored by imp on Jul 15 2019, 6:26 AM.


Implement a devtype command.

List the device's protocol. The returned value is one of the following:
        ata     direct attach ATA or SATA device
        satl    a SATA device attached via SAS
        scsi    A parallel SCSI or SAS
        nvme    A direct attached NVMe device
        mmcsd   A MMC or SD attached device

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The wording is a bit funny, device attached via device…

Maybe "attached via an SD/MMC controller"?

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The term sat or satl is a more mainstream term here. I know that the CC_DT_ATA_BEHIND_SCSI name already exists, but for user-facing functionality, let's do it differently (and I wouldn't mind if the CC_DT name changed also).

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Something to consider would be a raid devtype, since there are a fair number of drivers that have devices of this type.

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Use satl here.

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I'll go with satl and move these changes through.

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It's from the department of redundancy department. I'll fix their incursion into my work.

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What distinguishes this? all the other things are basically a protocol level thing, while this I'm unsure how to implement.

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will do

updates from scott's comments

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I'll add 'raid' in the future once we get sorted out what that means.

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I haven't looked at the larger context of this manpage, but shouldn't cam be at least capitalized, if not flagged as an acronym?

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Perhaps spell out SCSI-ATA Translation Layer here?

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s/Some crazy/An unexpected/

#professional ;-)

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Make it #professional, per rpokala

Looks reasonable to my not-very-CAM-savvy eyes.

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As this looks like a minor typo for me, I am trying to submit without any "add action".


I am sorry, but didn't you mean "attached"?