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Sep 16 2023, 7:01 AM (35 w, 5 d)

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Wed, May 22 accepted D45296: blackhole: improve man page.
Wed, May 22, 6:22 PM

Mon, May 20 accepted D45270: Add man page for the ice network driver..
Mon, May 20, 11:57 PM requested changes to D45270: Add man page for the ice network driver..

Aside from markup nits, LGTM.

Mon, May 20, 6:18 PM

Sun, May 19 added a comment to D44394: Updating glabel.8 man page.

It is not typical to move manpages around, and that was actually my fault, sorry.

Sun, May 19, 5:40 PM · manpages accepted D44394: Updating glabel.8 man page.
Sun, May 19, 3:16 PM · manpages

Fri, May 17 requested changes to D44394: Updating glabel.8 man page.
Fri, May 17, 2:05 AM · manpages

Thu, May 16 requested changes to D45118: Add options for mountd , nfsd and rpcbind.

In mountd.8, the capitalized flags are sorted before the lowercase flags. With those two changes, manpages LGTM

Thu, May 16, 8:19 PM

Wed, May 15 added a comment to D3207: add new zfs(5) manpage.


Wed, May 15, 5:03 AM · Doc Committers

Mon, May 6 requested changes to D36037: clock_gettime: Minor clarification.
Mon, May 6, 6:16 PM

Sun, May 5 accepted D45092: ifconfig(8): wordsmith -G and -g descriptions.
Sun, May 5, 12:43 AM

Sat, May 4 added a comment to D23942: Document that gettimeofday() is obsolescent.

Sorry I'm late (no subscribe @manpages?)

Sat, May 4, 9:15 PM

Wed, May 1 added a comment to rG63b747823bea: hier.7: polish entry to system manual.
  1. Please excuse me for not stating this sooner, this needs a patch to be valid for 14.
  2. Is this differential thread the appropriate place to say this?
Wed, May 1, 8:34 PM

Sat, Apr 27 added a comment to rG75eda0096bf8: networking.7 : create network quickstart guide.

Sir, would you be willing to mfc this for 14.1-RELEASE?

Sat, Apr 27, 3:55 PM

Thu, Apr 25 added a comment to D27176: Discourage the use of sysexits(3) in new code.

Oops, I'm just seeing this.
We've been working on a duplicate on GitHub after a comment on a different PR asked "if this is no longer used that should be mentioned somewhere (including in the header itself).

Thu, Apr 25, 3:05 PM

Mar 26 2024 added inline comments to D44506: kldunload.2 Document another case for the error EBUSY.
Mar 26 2024, 2:12 PM

Feb 17 2024 requested changes to D43947: Manual page for mq_getfd_np(2).
Feb 17 2024, 10:00 PM

Sep 16 2023 added a member for manpages:
Sep 16 2023, 7:54 AM