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VNC Auth for bhyve_graphics

Authored by on Jun 29 2016, 8:12 PM.
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oops, this was a debugging value, I'll remove this in a second version of this patch


could probably allocate only 16 characters here, depending on how DES_set_key handles strings


could probably allocate only 16 characters here


I'm a bit unsure whether RAND_seed has to be called before this.


since this is also just used for a calloc, and DES_ecb_encrypt only writes 8 bytes at a time, we could probably also allocate only 16 bytes here without writing out of bounds


also a debugging info, should be removed

Hello, I'm running FreeBSD 11 and I have a couple of bhyve VMs running VNC graphics. I am told this patch might allow me to use the native macOS VNC client. I would like to test it. What is the easiest way to use this patch? Thanks.

Click on the 'Download raw diff' button on the right-hand side menu. Apply that diff to a FreeBSD source tree and rebuild.

(You can probably short-cut this by applying it to just the usr.sbin/bhyve directory, and rebuilding in that)

I've not forgotten this diff but it was low on the priority list since there is a workaround in being able to use alternate VNC viewers. But, if there's enough interest I'll try and make some progress on it.

I will try to compile the "official FreeBSD 11 RELEASE" with this patch applied all in a bhyve virtual machine and extract only the bhyve binary. Does that sound feasible?

Yes, that works. It's a bit unnecessary however, I always used make BHYVE_SYSDIR=/usr/src/ -m /usr/src/share/mk -C /path/to/local/bhyve_graphics/checkout.