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[WIP] bpf(9): Refactor to improve readability.
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Authored by delphij on Nov 30 2022, 4:13 AM.
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The API was confusing that it uses the length parameter to
distinguish between mbufs and plain memory buffers.

The existing bpf_filter is renamed to _bpf_filter and modified
so that the packet memory is referred to by an opaque pointer,
and callers have to provide a set of operators to extract values
from that opaque pointer.

bpf_filter is converted to a wrapper around _bpf_filter with
a set of operators that work on a plain memory buffer.

A new function, bpf_mfilter is added, which is a wrapper around
_bpf_filter with operators for extracting values from mbufs.

In-tree consumers of bpf_filter(9) are modified to use
bpf_mfilter(9) when appropriate.

Obtained from: OpenBSD

Test Plan

Run regression tests, etc.

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