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growfs_fstab: add new /etc/rc.d script to add swap to fstab
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Authored by karels on Tue, Nov 22, 7:03 PM.



The growfs_fstab script is a helper for the growfs script to add any
new swap partition to /etc/fstab on first boot. If growfs adds a
swap partition, it sets growfs_swap_added=1 in the kenv. In this
case, after the root file system is read/write, if there is no swap
partition in the fstab, growfs_fstab labels the swap partition as
growfs_swap, and adds that as a swap partition to the fstab. Also,
if there is no dumpdev line in /etc/rc.conf, it adds dumpdev="AUTO"
to rc.conf and runs dumpon (as this happened earlier in the startup

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karels created this revision. added inline comments.

I wonder if sysrc(8) may simplify/improve this block. As dumpdev may be somewhere else (rc.conf(5)).


While looking at this, I discovered that the default value of dumpdev is AUTO (/etc/defaults/rc.conf), so adding to /etc/rc.conf is unneeded. I'll redo this using sysrc to check for AUTO, then do the dumpon. Thanks!

Is there a reason not to just do this in the growfs script, when it creates the swap partition?

Yes, the root filesystem is read-only when growfs runs (BEFORE: root), and this runs after it is made read/write. The swap part could now be done earlier (previously it modified rc.conf), although it doesn't really matter.

No need to add dumpdev to /etc/rc.conf; the default is AUTO.

Just use $dumpdev, and enable dump if AUTO is the current value.