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influxdb2 WIP
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Authored by driesm on Sep 16 2021, 9:06 AM.


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This is a WIP.

I still have to do some run time testing, rc script finetuning, etc. And provide instructions how to upgrade from the 1.x branch.

This diff is meant to get some initial feedback on the makefiles / naming of ports and a bit of help because I hit a brick wall.
I can get influxdb2 and influx-flux to build from the cmd line but not in a poudriere jail, the other ports are fine.
However when I go -i, interactive in the poudriere jail and type "make" it just works, very weird.

Test Plan

Poudriere, although doesnt pass yet for databases/influxdb2 and lang/influx-flux

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Build 38429: arc lint + arc unit

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arrowd added inline comments.

Some value for WWW: maybe?


Typo compilin.


Some value for WWW: maybe?

Add WWW's and do some more finetuning, also add initial pkg-message.

All the seperate github pages have a link to the main site, so I included them as WWW for pkg-descr of the ports.

The lang/influx-flux port doesn't build inside Poudriere jail because it tries to access network to download something. You have to somehow persuade it not to do that, probably by pre-seeding all the required distribution files beforehand.

I suspect its related to the rust bits in the github repo under, where it tries to acquire the cargo crates.
Tricky, I'll see if its possible to both "uses = go" and "uses = cargo" for a subdir of a wrksrc.


There is version 2.1.1 out. Tried these patches with it and after updating distinfo it starts building. However, FreeBSD ports has rust 1.57, which fails to compile flux library.

With older rust (I tried 1.53) build completes succesfully.


Makefile seems to use /var/db/influxdb2 instead.

Thanks for testing, I have some spare cycles in the comming period. I have created an upstream issue to help with the best approach.

Looks like the resulting binary built by this port is missing UI parts. There are scripts like & in GNUMakefile, those should probably be executed.


It seems that configuration file handling is different in 2.1. A bit odd, but influxd looks up for config files in current working directory or one pointed by $INFLUXD_CONFIG_PATH.


It can be folded into PLIST_FILE in Makefile, but it's not mandatory.


Does rust 1.58 work? We can work with rust people to fix this.