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aio: Fix up the opcode in aiocb32_copyin()

Authored by markj on Sep 11 2021, 4:24 PM.
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With lio_listio(2), the opcode is specified by userspace rather than
being hard-coded by the system call (e.g., aio_readv() -> LIO_READV).
kern_lio_listio() calls aio_aqueue() with an opcode of LIO_NOP, which
gets fixed up when the aiocb is copied in.

When copying in a job request, we need to dynamically allocate a uio to
wrap the iovec. So aiocb_copyin() needs to get the opcode from the
aiocb and then decide whether an allocation is required. We failed to
do this in the COMPAT_FREEBSD32 case. Fix it.

Reported by:
Fixes: f30a1ae8d529 ("lio_listio(2): Allow LIO_READV and LIO_WRITEV.")

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