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awk: Move to using two sets of tests
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Authored by imp on Aug 1 2021, 11:54 PM.



Upstream one-true-awk has two sets of tests. These are in addition to
NetBSD's tests we're using. The 'bugs-fixed' tests from upstream are
ready to use as-is (more or less). However, the 'tests' from upstream
are not, so for now we'll just use the netbsd and bugs-fixed tests.
They provide an OK workout and are better than nothing, though the tests
themselves are for specific esoteric things.

The upstream bugs-fixed tests are *ALMOST* a drop in. However, 3 test
for errors and the upstream test jig mashes stdout and stderr together,
which atf doesn't do, so make a tiny tweak to the upstream tests that I
hope to upstream. Plus upstream has ../a.out: instead of awk: in the
output. Not sure how to deal with this yet, so I've not proposed
anything upstream.

This required moving the netbsd tests to a new direcotry, so update
mtree files as well. The change is useless for 'make check' without it.

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