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hptnr: Store the .o files directly in the repo
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Authored by imp on Thu, Apr 8, 3:27 AM.



We no longer need to use uuencode to uuencode files in our tree. Store the .o
file directly instead. Adjust the build to cope with the new arrangement.

Note: This is one of many I plan to do. Let's hash out the right way to do this on this and then I'll do others.

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Build 35391: arc lint + arc unit

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imp requested review of this revision.Thu, Apr 8, 3:27 AM
imp created this revision.
imp added reviewers: markj, emaste.

I wonder if we can just specify $M-elf.hptnr_lib.o directly?


Can we just do OBJS+=${MACHINE_ARCH}-elf.hptnr_lib.o?


It's an interesting notion. However, I've not been able to make that work with config(8).
But it's worth a shot looking again.
Using the single line

+dev/hptnr/$M-elf.hptnr_lib.o   optional        htpnr

resulted in no htpbr_lib lines in the Makefile, but all the other hptnr lines were. So it's not completely straight forward.


${.SRCDIR} vs ${.OBJDIR} issues? I've not checked on this detail, though.


spelling it right gets us a lot closer, though.

Ed's ideas proved to be good ideas.

imp marked an inline comment as done.Thu, Apr 8, 4:57 AM

oops, didn't mean commit GENERIC

Yes, please. Remove this technical debt.

markm added a subscriber: markm.

Obvious technical debt removal. Please do this!

This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Thu, Apr 8, 6:59 AM
bz requested changes to this revision.Thu, Apr 8, 1:00 PM
bz added a subscriber: bz.

I may miss this but your current change request doesn't re-add the decoded i386 version?

This revision now requires changes to proceed.Thu, Apr 8, 1:00 PM