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hier.7: move ESP mountpoint to /efi (from /boot/efi)
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Authored by emaste on Sat, Feb 20, 12:14 AM.



Some Linux distros/projects moved from /boot/efi to /efi, with one argument being that /boot might be a separately mounted file system.

Using /efi as the ESP mount point means that we can avoid requiring /boot to be mounted.

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Arch Linux

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Update the other locations

Still a lot of linux that uses /boot/efi... we don't have /boot as separate. It could be, but nobody has done that in the last 20 years since that argument was first articulated. Efi was proffered at the time, but there is really no way to mount the ESP as /boot anyway.

We had a conversation to get to /boot/efi 2 years ago. We should go to market with that.

Just to be pedantic: We actually *do* have /boot as separate on some systems (e.g. recent powerpc64), but those systems are mutually exclusive with EFI systems. I have a mild preference /boot/efi, but it doesn't really matter much so long as we pick something -- the status quo is it not being mounted *at all*, so reliability of mounting or whatever is obviously a second-order issue.