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linuxkpi: enhance various PCI bits

Authored by bz on Jan 15 2021, 11:44 PM.



linuxkpi: enhance various PCI bits

  • In linux_pci_attach_device() get rid of dinfo apart from the two lines actually needing it. Given we set ivars, we can then use proper pci_get_*() accessor functions instead in either case.

    Move some more of these accessor initialisations to lkpifill_pci_dev(), which also avoids duplicat work for "device" and "vendor".
  • Move pdev->bus allocation common to lkpinew_pci_dev() and linux_pci_attach_device() into lkpifill_pci_dev().
  • Move the pdev->dev.* and kobj initializations from linux_pci_attach_device() into lkpifill_pci_dev() allowing the lkpinew_pci_dev() case to also use them.
  • Add a pdev->dev.release function for the lkpinew_pci_dev() case simply freeing the pdev->bus and the pdev called through the normal logic when the kref of the kobj of the dev of the pdev goes to 0.
  • With pdev->dev.kobj always initialized and the release function, Implement pci_dev_put() in the expected way (previously discussed as part of D27550).

All but the pci_domain_nr() changes are so that DRM will use the
normal dev/kobj refcount logic and common functions without any
special hack for device management. We keep doing this without
actually adding the allocated pci devices (incl. the kobjb satte)
from lkpinew_pci_dev() to the pci_devices list.

Sponsored-by: The FreeBSD Foundation
Obtained-from: bz_iwlwifi (partially)

Test Plan

Loading i915kms and unloading i915kms did work.

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Anyone any last comments; I'd love to commit this before Monday.

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