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Update secteam listing and add ports-secteam to administration page

Authored by matthew on Jun 11 2015, 12:15 AM.
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Update the administration page to

  • record the handover of the Security Officer role to Xin Li
  • add a list of the members of ports-secteam to the page

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This is a duplicate of D2761


Is there a charter for the Ports Secteam anywhere? All I can find is


John-Mark have become a member of secteam@ but I don't know if I can revise this changeset. Could you please also add him while you are there?


The discussion was stalled and we would need to pick that up, possibly have core@ ratify that and publish it in the FreeBSD security page.

Actually, instead of abandoning this review, increase the scope of it. In addition to
updating the secteam roster and adding in ports-secteam

  • Generally synch the lists of the membership of each team against the information available in the aliases file on hub, plus some mailman distribution lists. Be consistent in not including various 'lurkers' groups.
  • accounts, backups, dnsadm are aliased to clusteradm at the moment
  • add in the teams responsible for the forums, phabricator, jenkins and exporting code to GitHub.

Done. imp also tagged as 'Officer Emeritus'


I'll add Core Team to the reviewers, once I figure out how...


Technically, Robert is also Officer Emeritus (he is on security-officer@ alias). Maybe he should be added as well?


Edward have stepped down some time ago and Remko have offered to take the responsibility.


I think "Cluster Administration" should have a link to #t-clusteradm.

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if he is still on security-officer@ he should be added.


part of the scope includes security of the packaging tools and infrastructure.


I've written a proposed charter but it was never really picked up. I believe @simon also wrote one.


If its the same team, it shouldn't be listed separately.


ditto here. if dnsadm == clusteradm, it should be removed.


phabricator is more than just code review, but this is likely correct for now.

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OK -- then the secteam-secretary mail alias should be updated


The precedent is still to list the address -- see

I'd like to get peter to comment -- as I understand it, he wants to maintain the distinction between the different addresses: sending everything through to clusteradm is officially a temporary change.

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secteam-secretary is actually remko, even though the alias forwards to trasz

Update the description of ports-secteam

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Add internal links to #t-clusteradm and #t-doceng where those aliases
are referenced from other addresses.

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Thanks for making those changes! I'm withdrawing my 'changes needed'.

whatever happened to this diff? Should I comandeer it?

In D2774#56751, @eadler wrote:

whatever happened to this diff? Should I comandeer it?

secteam@/so@/ports-secteam@ is still under discussion, maybe we can integrate the rest part of the change first?

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Merge upstream changes

Reduce diff against upstream.

This now only contains the ports-secteam@ related changes.

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Please don't mix content and white-space changes.


Please don't mix content and white-space changes.

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des is not on ports-secteam at least according to email alias and


feld needs to be added here

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This is way out of date