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Add explicit SI_SUB_EPOCH

Authored by cem on Fri, Nov 22, 7:49 PM.



Add explicit SI_SUB_EPOCH, after SI_SUB_TASKQ and before SI_SUB_SMP
(EARLY_AP_STARTUP). Rename existing "SI_SUB_TASKQ + 1" to SI_SUB_EPOCH.

epoch(9) consumers cannot epoch_alloc() before SI_SUB_EPOCH:SI_ORDER_SECOND,
but likely should allocate before SI_SUB_SMP. Prior to this change,
consumers (well, epoch itself, and net/if.c) just open-coded the
SI_SUB_TASKQ + 1 order to match epoch.c, but this is fragile.

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Build 25919: arc lint + arc unit

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