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Include caching zones into zone_foreach() where appropriate.

Authored by kib on Tue, Nov 5, 3:15 PM.



This is especially important for the counters allocation because EARLY_COUNTER does not work after temp_bsp_pcpu is switched from.

In collaboration with: pho

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markj added inline comments.Tue, Nov 5, 6:19 PM
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I think "cache_zones" would be clearer. All zones perform some caching, so "caching_zones" sounds redundant. "Cache zones" do nothing except provide caching.

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Why not do this for cache zones as well?

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Rename argument.

markj added a comment.Tue, Nov 5, 9:03 PM

Taking a step back, I believe the bool parameter to zone_foreach() is too blunt. For example, during reclaim we call zone_foreach(zone_trim, true), but in the callout we do zone_foreach(zone_timeout, false). The zone_timeout() estimates the WSS for the zone, and the WSS is used to decide how much to trim, but with this change we are not calculating the WSS for cache zones.

Instead, each callback should be modified to handle cache zones:

  • cache_shink() and cache_drain_safe_cpu() need no modification.
  • zone_alloc_counters() needs no modification.
  • zone_reclaim() should skip the keg_drain() call for cache zones (uz_zflags & UMA_ZFLAG_CACHE). In fact, zone_dtor() calls zone_reclaim(), and the keg_drain() call will cause a panic when operating on a cache zone. This is a regression from r343026.
  • uma_print_zone() needs no modification.
  • zone_timeout() needs to be modified to check for UMA_ZFLAG_CACHE before locking the keg and resizing its hash table.
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Oh, that assertion should be conditional on "ws". It makes no sense to impose the bucket limit in this case, since we are about to free those buckets as the next step in the reclaim.

I second Mark's latest suggestion.

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