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Make taskqgroup_attach{,_cpu}(9) work across architectures

Authored by marius on Feb 10 2019, 9:23 PM.



So far, intr_{g,s}etaffinity(9) take a single int for identifying
a device interrupt. This approach doesn't work on all architectures
supported, as a single int isn't sufficient to globally specify a
device interrupt. In particular, with multiple interrupt controllers
in one system as found on e. g. arm and arm64 machines, an interrupt
number as returned by rman_get_start(9) may be only unique relative
to the bus and, thus, interrupt controller, a certain device hangs
off from.
In turn, this makes taskqgroup_attach{,_cpu}(9) and - internal to
the gtaskqueue implementation - taskqgroup_attach_deferred{,_cpu}()
not work across architectures. Yet in turn, iflib(4) as gtaskqueue
consumer so far doesn't fit architectures where interrupt numbers
aren't globally unique.
However, at least for intr_setaffinity(..., CPU_WHICH_IRQ, ...) as
employed by the gtaskqueue implementation to bind an interrupt to a
particular CPU, using bus_bind_intr(9) instead is equivalent from
a functional point of view, with bus_bind_intr(9) taking the device
and interrupt resource arguments required for uniquely specifying a
device interrupt.
Thus, change the gtaskqueue implementation to employ bus_bind_intr(9)
instead and intr_{g,s}etaffinity(9) to take the device and interrupt
resource arguments required respectively. This change also moves
struct grouptask from <sys/_task.h> to <sys/gtaskqueue.h> and wraps
struct gtask along with the gtask_fn_t typedef into #ifdef _KERNEL
as userland likes to include <sys/_task.h> or indirectly drags it
in - for better or worse also with _KERNEL defined -, which with
device_t and struct resource dependencies otherwise is no longer
as easily possible now.

While at it:

  • Change the gt_cpu member in the grouptask structure to be of type int as used elswhere for specifying CPUs (an int16_t may be too narrow sooner or later),
  • move the gtaskqueue_enqueue_fn typedef from <sys/gtaskqueue.h> to the gtaskqueue implementation as it's only used and needed there,
  • change the GTASK_INIT macro to use "gtask" rather than "task" as argument given that it actually operates on a struct gtask rather than a struct task, and
  • let subr_gtaskqueue.c consistently use func to print functions names.

Requested by: mmel

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marius created this revision.Feb 10 2019, 9:23 PM
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mmel accepted this revision.Feb 11 2019, 5:15 PM

That's simply perfect, many thanks.
I tested this on arm64, all work like charm. (But I'm able to do only limited test, my iflib based driver is still far far away from working state)

This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Feb 11 2019, 5:15 PM
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