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per-cpu page cache

Authored by cem on Jan 25 2015, 10:42 PM.



Integrate from OneFS on behalf of Netflix:

  • Add per-cpu page caches to avoid contention on the page queue free mutex or large objects
  • Add the option of passing PQ_NONE to vm_page_unwire for callers that are going to subsequently free the page (making the add to the inactive queue simply unneeded overhead)
    • bump WITNESS_PENDLIST to avoid panic on boot
Test Plan

stress2, buildworld, netflix deployment

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Update it to the latest -HEAD? I have a whole bunch of 2 and 4 socket NUMA boxes I can test this out on.



cem added a reviewer: kmacy.

Sure. It applied cleanly against HEAD for me; took me a while to get a build (10.1 can't build CURRENT today). It boots, seems to run ok in a VM.

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Update to latest HEAD.

ok, so this adds a per-cpu free list /and/ disables the page cache piece. What's the effect going to be, besides reducing lock contention?