zfs: merge openzfs/zfs@86783d7d9 (zfs-2.1-release) into stable/13


zfs: merge openzfs/zfs@86783d7d9 (zfs-2.1-release) into stable/13

OpenZFS release 2.1.12

Notable upstream pull requeset merges:

#14145 Storage device expansion "silently" fails on degraded vdev
#14358 Wait for txg sync if the last DRR_FREEOBJECTS might result in
       a hole
#14410 Improve resilver ETAs
#14428 Resilver performance tuning
#14501 FreeBSD: don't verify recycled vnode for zfs control directory
#14524 Ignore too large stack in case of dsl_deadlist_merge
#14659 Allow MMP to bypass waiting for other threads
#14722 Fix "Detach spare vdev in case if resilvering does not happen"
#14774 FreeBSD .zfs fixups
#14776 FreeBSD: make zfs_vfs_held() definition consistent with
#14788 FreeBSD: add missing vop_fplookup assignments
#14794 zpool import -m also removing spare and cache when log device
       is missing
#14795 Fix positive ABD size assertion in abd_verify()
#14798 Mark TX_COMMIT transaction with TXG_NOTHROTTLE
#14811 Refine special_small_blocks property validation
#14816 Fix two abd_gang_add_gang() issues
#14819 Add dmu_tx_hold_append() interface
#14823 Remove single parent assertion from zio_nowait()
#14853 zil: Don't expect zio_shrink() to succeed
#14861 Probe vdevs before marking removed
#14873 Add the ability to uninitialize a zpool
#14892 Fix concurrent resilvers initiated at same time
#14903 Fix NULL pointer dereference when doing concurrent 'send'
#14910 ZIL: Allow to replay blocks of any size

Obtained from: OpenZFS
OpenZFS tag: zfs-2.1.12
OpenZFS commit: 86783d7d92cf7a859464719a917fdff845b9a9e1
Relnotes: yes


mmAuthored on Jun 17 2023, 7:14 AM
rGded54059fddd: kevent: Make references to filter definitions const
rG86783d7d92cf: Tag zfs-2.1.12

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