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Update Qt to 5.6.2

Authored by adridg on Oct 12 2016, 5:13 PM.
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O5: Ports Framework(Owns No Changed Paths)
rP424842: Update Qt to 5.6.2 [1,2]

This updates Qt 5.6.1 to Qt 5.6.2 (both of them LTS). Original work by tcberner, adjusted to Qt 5.6.2 final by me.

Test Plan

Needs build of devel/qt5, devel/py-qt5 to get started; after that probably one or more of the bigger Qt5 consumers (qupzilla in particular).

Diff Detail

rP FreeBSD ports repository
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Buildable 5620
Build 5890: arc lint + arc unit

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adridg retitled this revision from to Update Qt to 5.6.2.
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I think this is no longer needed. mkspecs/unsupported/freebsd-g++46 no longer exists.


this should again be changed to official_releases =)

If you can't use arcanist for some reason to upload your diffs, could you at least upload them the same way it does, with a lot of context (svn diff --diff-cmd=diff -x -U9999 or git diff -U9999)

adridg added inline comments.

Also QT5_SUBDIR is not defined anywhere, so I've removed that.

adridg marked an inline comment as done.
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Update Qt to 5.6.2 (v2)

  • Addressed tcberner@'s comments
  • This revision done with arc, per mat@'s comment

There seem to be spaces instead of tabs between on the MASTER_SITES= line.

adridg edited edge metadata.

Update Qt to 5.6.2 (v3)

Addressed tabs-vs-spaces in qt5-examples/Makefile

tcberner edited edge metadata.

The only thing I don't understand is why devel/qmake5/files/patch-mkspecs__features__qt_functions.prf was removed, as the code we were patching is still present upstream.

adridg edited edge metadata.

Update Qt to 5.6.2 (v4)

  • Removed a now-empty directory
  • Restored patch Rakuco pointed out as missing (thanks tcberner@)

Mark things as done that were resolved by v3 and v4 patches.

tcberner edited edge metadata.
rakuco edited edge metadata.

looks good to me too. the next step is filing an exp-run request to test the patch

rP424842 says

Still Importing...
This commit is still importing. Changes will be visible once the import finishes.

rP424842 says

Still Importing...
This commit is still importing. Changes will be visible once the import finishes.

@emaste : Should we simply close it now? Or is there anything else to do?

Yes you can just close this review. The PR will track the Phabricator importer issue.

Hm, it refuses to be closed

You can not close this revision because it has not been accepted. You can only close accepted revisions.
emaste added a reviewer: emaste.

Let me try accepting again

Oh, I think it needs the 'blocking reviewers' to accept

mat edited edge metadata.

That's my cue.

This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Nov 3 2016, 3:43 PM