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Add missing HISTORY section to manuals of utilities in /bin & /sbin

Authored by sevan on Oct 1 2016, 12:21 AM.


Group Reviewers
rS316209: MFC r306733
rS316203: MFC r306715
rS313167: Add history section for dd(1)
rS307445: MFC r306736:
rS307444: MFC r306736:
rS307443: MFC r306735:
rS307442: MFC r306735:
rS307441: MFC r306734:
rS307440: MFC r306734:
rS307439: MFC r306733:
rS307438: MFC r306732:
rS307437: MFC r306732:
rS307436: MFC r306731:
rS307435: MFC r306731:
rS307434: MFC r306728:
rS307433: MFC r306728:
rS307432: MFC r306727:
rS307431: MFC r306727:
rS307430: MFC r306725:
rS307429: MFC r306725:
rS307428: MFC r306724:
rS307427: MFC r306724:
rS307426: MFC r306723:
rS307425: MFC r306723:
rS307424: MFC r306722:
rS307423: MFC r306722:
rS307422: MFC r306721:
rS307421: MFC r306721:
rS307420: MFC r306720:
rS307419: MFC r306720:
rS307418: MFC r306719:
rS307417: MFC r306719:
rS307416: MFC r306718:
rS307415: MFC r306718:
rS306971: MFC r306714:
rS306970: MFC r306714:
rS306736: Add history section to nos-tun(8)
rS306735: Add history section to natd(8)
rS306734: Add history section to fsck_ffs(8)
rS306733: Add history section to fsck(8)
rS306732: Document the history of fdisk based on the original post to comp.unix.bsd by…
rS306731: Document the history of fdisk based on the original post to comp.unix.bsd by…
rS306728: Add history section for devfs(8)
rS306727: Add history section for devd(8)
rS306725: Add history section for clri(8)
rS306724: Add history section for bsdlabel(8)
rS306723: Add history section for atmconfig(8)
rS306722: Add history section for test(1)
rS306721: Add history section for stty(1)
rS306720: Add history section of pwd(1)
rS306719: Document origins of expr & authors
rS306718: Add history section for echo(1)
rS306715: Add history section for dd(1)
rS306714: Document where chio(1) originated from & which version of FreeBSD first…

Patch adds history, bumps date & in some cases includes changes highlighted by igor or mandoc -Tlint

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rS FreeBSD src repository - subversion
Automatic diff as part of commit; lint not applicable.
Automatic diff as part of commit; unit tests not applicable.

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Approved. Make sure to bump .Dd before committing.

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