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Add refactored blacklist support to sshd

Authored by lidl on Jul 2 2016, 5:23 AM.



Add refactored blacklist support to sshd

Remove use of #ifdef USE_BLACKLIST / #endif, and change the
calls to of blacklist_init() and blacklist_notify to be
macros defined in the blacklist_client.h file.

Remove redundent initialization attempts from within
blacklist_notify - everything always goes through

Added UseBlacklist option to sshd, which defaults to off.
To enable the functionality, use '-o UseBlacklist=yes' on
the command line, or uncomment in the sshd_config file.

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As above:

looks up the remote host name and checks that
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I'm not going to make this change in this part of the text, as this comes from upstream. While you are correct it could be improved, I don't think that improvement ought to be part of this patch.


Fair enough.

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