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Authored by on May 22 2016, 7:50 AM.
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The readme provides a high-level overview of how to upgrade top(1).

MFC after: 1 week
Submitted by: Randy Westlund <>
Sponsored by: EMC / Isilon Storage Division

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Update notes with a description of our local changes to top(1), and what it will take to apply it to 3.8-beta1.

Update with details about changes that have been made and what still needs resolving.

The goal of the FREEBSD-upgrade file is to provide a means for tersely describing where the project came from, and where one can bootstrap source for the next upgrade.




It probably should be top, not Top.


This doesn't seem appropriate for this file; this does however seem incredibly relevant for release notes and/or a commit message for the 3.8b1 upgrade.


Were these changes already present in 3.5, or were they made directly to 3.8?


Again, this seems like something that should be on a wiki page instead of being put here. added inline comments.

I wasn't sure where else to put it for the time being. I can move it to a different file, only on my machine.


They were part of our local patch set. I re-implemented them for the new version. I'll clarify that. edited edge metadata.

Address comments, remove sections that belong somewhere else.

Just to be clear, these directions should *only* refer to what is done for 3.5. In particular, using the example I provided earlier (atf [1]), it only provides high-level directions for how the autoconf stuff was generated. I can obtain a diff between the vendor source and the source in the tree -- why do our modifications need to be itemized in such granular detail? This makes the document more likely become stale in the future.


Isn't this portion for the next version?


Please -- alternatively, this can go on a FreeBSD wiki page so it can be edited more easily, and potentially used as a checklist for items that need to be done.

  • Remove overly detailed patch descriptions.
  • Remove directions that only apply to 3.8 until the new version is ready.

Ok, much better.. walking through the changes between the vendor tree and ^/head/contrib/top, there are some files that have been renamed:

  • contrib/top/top.X -> contrib/top/top.xs
  • contrib/top/top.local.H -> contrib/top/top.local.hs

If you document those -- I'll commit the read me.

Oops, I removed a bit too much. Add back a note about the files that were renamed.


This block is unnecessary. Please remove.


I would probably erase this sentence. It should be clear from usr.bin/top/Makefile that contrib/top/Configure and contrib/top/Makefile.X isn't used.


*were renamed

Changes made. Thanks for being patient and all the feedback.

ngie edited edge metadata.

Changes made. Thanks for being patient and all the feedback.


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