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ldd32: Drop useless manpage symlink for internal tool

Authored by jrtc27 on Jul 27 2023, 10:14 PM.
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Whilst ldd32 is in /usr/bin, it's really an internal tool that exists so
the native ldd can dlopen(3) libraries; were we to solely rely on direct
exec, it wouldn't be needed at all. Thus, it should not be used directly
and so does not deserve a manpage. Moreover, the current manpage doesn't
have any mention of ldd32 and is written solely for ldd itself, so it is
not particularly helpful either.

The fact that this manpage is a (hard) link to the native one also means
ldd32 can't be in the lib32 distribution like it was before a4330302f22d
("libcompat: build 32-bit rtld and ldd as part of "everything"") and has
to remain in base instead, as distribute will fail due to not being able
to find the link's target in the distribution directory (and it wouldn't
be representable in the tarball either).

Thus, address both these problems at once by just removing the manpage.

A future change may wish to make ldd32 truly private and move the binary
to /usr/libexec or similar rather than having it somewhere in PATH.

This partially reverts commit 051ed84f28e189e22d7a2a7c2b8d6870915362f8.

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