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Make 'zfs release' accept a filesystem instead of only snapshots
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Authored by allanjude on Nov 2 2015, 10:31 PM.


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If you want to release all holds of tag 'foo' from pool/fs@snap1 and pool/fs@snap2 ..., you currently have to run 'zfs release'
with each snapshot as an argument. With this change:
zfs release foo pool/fs
will iterate over each snapshot, and release any hold with tag=foo
zfs release -r foo pool/fs
would also release tag 'foo' from pool/fs/child@othersnap etc.

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What is the use case for this? AFAIK it isn't possible to create all those holds with one zfs command (there's just "zfs holds -r <snapshot>" which creates a hold on one snapshot per filesystem.

Also, the UI seems confusing because you can not do "zfs hold <fs>", (and there is no such thing as a hold on a filesystem) but you can do "zfs release <fs>".