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ixl(4): Fix MAC/VLAN filters accounting
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Authored by on Mon, Nov 21, 10:26 PM.


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Intel Networking
  • Account for a filter required to enable reception of untagged frames

while registering and unregistering VLANs to avoid trying to add
more filters than HW supports.

  • While adding MAC/VLAN filters pre-set matching method field

in the Admin Queue Command response buffer to expected error
value to work around an issue with some FW versions, which do not
update that field if operation fails, and be able correctly
track which filters were configured in HW.

  • Remove unused IXL_MAX_FILTERS macro definition
  • Update number of available MAC/VLAN filters as in newer

FW versions it was decreased by one.

  • Simplify i40e_dma_mem structure

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Build 45328: arc lint + arc unit