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Fix typos in the Spanish (ES) site

Authored by on Aug 12 2015, 5:32 AM.


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Fix typos in the ES part of the site

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koobs retitled this revision from Change the ES site to Change the Spanish (ES) site.Aug 23 2015, 4:25 AM
koobs retitled this revision from Change the Spanish (ES) site to Fix typos in the Spanish (ES) site.

Please regenerate the diff relative to the doc directory. Also, see about including context.


This should probably be done in the same way as in the English version.

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I think this was something left over from when I was working on the icons.

Abandon as having a chat with a friend mentions Proximos is correct however I will create a new revision with the proper punctuation as ?? is wrong should be ¿? to be politically correct.

This could of been done on purpose for something I am not sure.

?Nuevo en FreeBSD? should be ¿Nuevo en FreeBSD? But I will work on the Spanish (ES) site as it seems broken at the momment. I feel it will further complicate the context a bit talking about one thing then something else etc..